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Network 1976 film Wikipedia.
Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wrote that no" predictor of the futurenot even Orwell has ever been as right as Chayefsky was when he wrote Network" 33 The film ranks at number 100 in Empire magazine's' list of the 500 Greatest Films of All Time.
Computer network Wikipedia.
12.3 End to end encryption. 13 Views of networks. 14 Journals and newsletters. 15 See also. 17 Further reading. 18 External links. Computer networking may be considered a branch of computer science, computer engineering, and telecommunications, since it relies on the theoretical and practical application of the related disciplines. Computer networking was influenced by a wide array of technology developments and historical milestones.
Network Definition of Network by Merriam-Webster.
1: a fabric or structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings ribbons, lace and embroidery wrought together in a most curious piece of network Joseph Addison. 2: a system of lines or channels resembling a network a telephone network a network of blood vessels.
What is a Computer Network?
Most NAC systems can also integrate with Active Directory AD in order to control network access based on group policy, ensuring users only have the network access required to fulfill their jobs. A network topology is the physical or logical structure of a network.
Network Wikipedia.
The Network, a 1987 episode from Season 2 of Matlock. The Network, a fictional organization run by comic strip heroine Modesty Blaise. Networks, a graph with attributes studied in Network theory. Scale-free network, a network whose degree distribution follows a power law.

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